The important thing is how people talk about you when you are not in the room!

Code of Commerce - Seminare - Viktoria Lajdi & Heinz Daxecker

We listen. We teach. We build. Together.

How is your appearance within your job and in private?

Are difficult situations mastered with confidence?

Do you convince with good manners, also internationally?

Does the team value the morals of colleagues, employees, … of other people?

A corporate culture that lives appreciation is key to success. 69% of employees say they´d work harder if they were better appreciated (Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis).

A selection of the content of our seminars that guide to a better together:

teamship, cooperation and work atmosphere

internal and external communication, digital diplomacy

culture of respect

appreciation in dealing with customers and colleagues

efficient meetings, negotiations, and affairs

diversity, a competitive advantage

verbal and non-verbal communication

In connected modules, participants will solidify the awareness that only company cultures that live positive values gain a competitive advantage:

interactive workshops / seminars

considering international and intercultural participants

customized after understanding the needs

based on everyday business situations

Seminar languages: English, German, Hungarian

The interactive seminars follow a goal-oriented structure and are adapted, to the needs of your organization. Hence seminars and quotations will be customized. As a reference:

The One-On-One packages focus on the critical skills of a professional etiquette, which you as a manager and leader, is in need. The aim is to increase self-confidence and to raise impact on customers, employees, and colleagues – to make you win.

Cost Reduction - Code of Commerce
Increased revenue - Code of Commerce

To win it is essential that employees not only have strong functional skills but as well cultivated soft skills. Engaged employees live values that foster on the wellbeing and togetherness.

profitability increase (21%)*

* Gallup Q12® Meta- Analysis

reduced absenteeism (41%)*

* Gallup Q12® Meta- Analysis

lower employee turnover rate (66% would leave companies as of not feeling appreciated) **

** Survey Office-Teams (Robert Half)
Heinz Daxecker - Code of Commerce

Your company event with a larger number of participants (company party, trainings, team building) will be underlined by Code of Commerce® as a guest speaker. Event-related or a previously agreed topic (appreciation, togetherness, etiquette, …) will be incorporated by Code of Commerce® as a keynote speaker.

Code of Commerce®, in cooperation with the Austrian Knigge Association.

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