The pricing strategy is one of the key tools to support the brand and the brand equity.

Code of Commerce - Ertrag Knigge Seminare und Beratung

Values ​​and Beliefs

We believe in empowering people who will lead the profitable growth journey.

We believe appreciation is an inner attitude and is people´s greatest motivational factor.

We believe in honest business relationships as a base for sustainable and mutual achievements.

We believe that focus and consistency is the prerequisite to lead and to win.

We believe in differentiated services or products that make a positive everyday difference in people´s lives.

Change is the only constant in life. (Heraclitus)

To mirror change a regular evaluation of our framework is needed.

Globalization creates a fast need for diversification. Teams are winning that base their cooperation on respect, tolerance, and appreciation.

Overloaded schedules result in leaving operational activities behind. Focus on fewer tasks based on impact.

New business models supported by digitalization are disrupting the old economy. Unpredictable challenges emerge daily.

The customer is king. This phrase is often used but rarely lived. Fairness is key.

Consumers “have done shopping”. People rather purchase experiences than products. Happy together is the new credo.

How to achieve a target is very often more important than you actual achieve the goal. The “how” guarantees sustainability.

Harmonized processes and governance, free time to create value. Standardization helps to alter inconsistent procedures to perfect execution.

Pricing is transparent. Value based pricing reflects the willingness of the consumer to pay.

We listen. We teach. We build. Together.

Toleranz, Respekt, Erfolg mit Code of Commerce Seminare

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