The relationship between people is what determines the level of success.

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Viktoria Lajdi & Heinz Daxecker

Code of Commerce Team: Lajdi & Daxecker

We believe that appreciation, respect, and tolerance make a positive everyday difference in people´s live.

Viktoria Lajdi

Viktoria Lajdi

Viktoria Lajdi is co-founder of Code of Commerce. She is a passionate listener paired with a strong can-do attitude. Consistently aiming for solutions having the wellbeing of people in focus.

Her international background in finance at multinational companies shapes her understanding of complex processes. Cannot is not in her dictionary and while thinking outside the box, solutions always have been found.

Her thirst for professionalism and consistency have contributed to managing turnarounds for the better. Changes that have become visible in profit increase, cost optimization and improved productivity of her team.

Viktoria believes that mindfulness in the workplace and in private are key to success. She lives that tenet through her interest in yoga, reading, gardening and her passion for dogs.



Epson (EMEA), Allianz (Hungary), BCG (Sweden), Bork (Russia), Kaufland (CEE), Shopping Live (Russia), Teknosa (Turkey), HP Tronic (Czech Republic), Electrolux (EMEA, CEE).

Heinz Daxecker

Heinz Daxecker

Heinz Daxecker is co-founder of Code of Commerce. Heinz invests his energy to establish and grow a business. He is confident, persistent, inventive and makes things happen even when facing obstacles on the way.

He has a talent for inspiring people by setting clear goals and leading the way to achieve them. As a leader he values integrity, reliability, and honest cooperation. Diversity he sees as a main strength of any organization.

International management is his home turf for over 20 years with a proven track record in profitable growth. In 2017 the achievement was recognized, receiving the “sales award” of a multinational company with over 80.000 employees.

As a father of a daughter and a son, lately he is experimenting in the kitchen – semi-successful. Essential to Heinz is to grow people according to values such as respect or loyalty. That goes for his children but as well for his assignments in business.



MVideo (Russia), GFK (CEE), MediaExpert (Poland), BCG (Sweden), Husqvarna (Sweden), Bauhaus (Germany), Media Markt (Europe), RTV Euro AGD (Poland), Alza (Czech Republic), Hornbach (Germany), Merkur (Slovenia), Pevex (Croatia), Altex (Romania), Hepsiburada (Turkey), Teknosa (Turkey), Teknopark (Russia), Bork (Russia), Euronics (Hungary), Nay (Slovakia).

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