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Professional Business Coaching & Consulting

We listen. We teach. We build. Together.


Our seminars guide what to implement in your organization to rise revenue and to lower cost.


We believe that appreciation, respect and tolerance have a positive effect on people’s lives.

People are the foundation of a successful company.

A house consists of rooms that are connected to one another.
Each house is built on a strong foundation, as well as every organization requires a solid base: people.





It is not companies that make business, it is their employees.

Realize new routes to market and most important, understand the empowered consumer.

Motivated teams walk the extra mile and hence contribute to the value creation.

Consistent and harmonized processes create sustainability. Adjust processes to be aligned with the long-term success of the company. Brand loyalty is no guarantee of success.

Professional Business Coaching & Consulting

Code of Commerce® is the key to the doors connecting the various rooms of the house.

Many companies state in their missions the importance of people, still the implementation of these words is often lacking behind.

With over 20 years of background in international management, we have identified that companies are facing challenges in the togetherness, the interaction among colleagues, employees, management and, above all, with the customer.

We have experienced the effect of kindness. We have lived in teams where the power of appreciation was valued. We also observed teams lacking the believe in such standards.
We listen. We teach. We build. Together.

Code of Commerce, Viktoria Lajdi & Heinz Daxecker

71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company´s success.

(Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis)

In our interactive seminars, participants will solidify the awareness that appreciation, tolerance, and respect are key for dealing with each other. Motivated employees are the pillar of winning companies.

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Unfortunately, etiquette, required in a professional environment is not typically taught at school. Understanding and applying rules of etiquette, determine how you are perceived.

It is important to know a set of rules and if the situation requires, to rewrite under the sign of appreciation. One of the most important career drivers is how people talk about you when you are not in the room.